Flute & Guitar

The Berlin based duo started their theme-oriented programs in 1994. There followed a series of exciting projects delighting and mesmerising audiences the world over.

The CD ?Suite Buenos Aires? (Kreuzberg Records, 1998), a compilation of awe-inspiring Argentinean music, their project ?Music from the new World? and an Italian program ?Serenata Italiana? which was enthusiastically received in
South Korea and Germany in 2001 are but a few examples.

On the heals of these and other achievements came dedications and collaborations with several prominent composers including Majid Derakhshani,
Ludger Vollmer and Thomas Wallisch. ?Ex Oriente Lux? (the light appears first in the orient) was performed both in Europe, the U.S.A., South Korea and Australia followed by the CD ?Didar ? Live in Berlin?, recorded in 2003 with Majid Derakhshani (Composition, Tar, Voice) which was yet another exciting venture discovering new horizons.

The latest programme "Berlin ! Tango" is an exciting mix of new Tango compositions which internationally acclaimed composers Carlo Domeniconi (Italy),
Coco Nelegatti (Argentina), José Cibils (Argentina), Richard Charlton (Australia) and Stephen Whittington (Australia) have dedicated to this innovative duo.



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