Ear-bending music for modern minds 

When Niccolo Paganini played, his listeners fainted. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a truly extroverted 'Popstar' of his time, made the governing class cry. The Beatles played with the London Philharmonic to a screaming audience of fans, and Emerson, Lake and Palmer achieved world fame with their interpretation of Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition". Elton John has been knighted by the Queen, as has Mick Jagger and Edward Elgar.

Each shared a capacity to move people with music. And that's what LOTS, a quartet combining the virtuoso talents of international performers Ludger Vollmer, Oliver Fartach-Naini, Thea Nielsen and Song-Ou Lee, have set out to do. In their own words, the quartet?s towering mission is to "open doors for audiences that might not have found the right access to classical music yet". A sizeable challenge in a world mesmerised by new media: where the fast, the furious and the mass-produced takes all.

Take German Composer Ludger Vollmer?s unmistakable, new and refreshing handwriting, apply it to a bunch of 'famous pieces' and make up a new program that offers the uninitiated a completely new classical and popular musical experience. 

"Ludger Vollmer's music is melodic, energetic and rhythmical?he is one of the most electrifying performers you can imagine," says fellow performer Oliver Fartach-Naini, one of the two classical guitarists in LOTS. 

Applying Ludger's original and ear-bending interpretations means LOTS won't be celebrating the 'pearls of classical music' or the 'smash hits of pop'.  Rather, LOTS is relishing this opportunity to take the 'smash hits of classical' and the 'pearls of pop' and make them alternately shine. 

With LOTS expect European classical music and world pop masterpieces to be presented in unconventional and surprising styles.  LOTS will be performing their original and uniquely engaging program in any configuration - to small intimate workshops and large festival audiences.  They want audiences to discover what it's like to listen to high quality music. To introduce them to a more intimate and individual experience of music, in contrast to the anonymous mass-produced spectacles of music so common on our modern musical landscape.

"We aim to pick our audiences up, whoever they might be, right where they stand? and transport them to a new musical place. We want to take them as far away from the standard interpretations of classical music as they can get, and as close to a reinvention of pop music as is possible."  

All four members of LOTS are academically trained virtuoso musicians of international standing. For years they have been touring individually and in various formations. With LOTS they unite as one ensemble for the very first time. "The project to get all four of us on stage together has been in our minds for a long time" says Oliver. "I have played with Ludger, with Song-Ou, with Thea but we have never been on stage together."

Friends and colleagues for more than 10 years, the members of LOTS are all busy performers, as well as dedicated and sought after teachers at prestigious Universities and Schools. They regularly travel across three continents; Australia, Asia and Europe, bringing with them an extensive travelling experience infusing their work with a broad multicultural formation. Inspiration too for the title of LOTS inaugural program, "Transcontinental Flights". 

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take off as you embark on a rare musical journey. This one looks likely to see audiences jumping for joy, demanding they hear LOTS more. 
Unconventional and surprising is what audiences can expect from LOTS.

A quartet of musical brilliance taking the uninitiated on a transcontinental flight of fancy through music that?

  • experiments with new interpretations and communication forms; 
  • uses unconventional techniques and new instrumentations; 
  • teases and interacts with the audience;
  • reinvents performance across classical, swing, tango and oriental genres;
  • combines with the fifth ensemble member - the computer. 
Prepare to be musically moved.

Ludger Vollmer, Violin


Oliver Fartach-Naini, Guitar


Thea Nielsen, Flute


Lee Song-Ou, Guitar 

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