Nuances in abundance!
Schleswig-Holsteinische Zeitung, 28. August 2006

A sensational duo evening!
Thea Nielsen?s intimate flute playing and the superior virtuosity of both soloists made it a memorable experience.
Glücksburger Informationen, Sept. 8th 2000

An Exceptional Duo with a unique repertoire.
GENDAI GUITAR Magazine No.485, April 2005, Japan

This musical portrait of metropolitan life ?. brought great pleasure? largely due to the energetic performance by the musicians, who played in perfect harmony, especially when exceptional virtuosity was required?
Both Nielsen and Fartach-Naini were able to delight the audience with their beautiful tonal quality, technical competence and lively musicianship.
Nordsee-Zeitung Bremerhaven, Sept. 21st 2000

Thea Nielsen and Oliver Fartach-Naini performed Ludger Vollmer?s piece ?Steadfast against the sun? with technical perfection and creative intensity.
Neue Musikzeitung, December 2002

...and moreover Nielsen impressed the audience with fine tonal subtleties whilst Fartach-Naini stunned them with superb technical finesse.
Reutlinger Nachrichten, March 28th 2003

Excellent instrumentalists!
Volkstimme Stendal, May 18th 2005

Highly palatable music ? great feeling of comfort in the partnership ? relaxed style.
Herald Sun Melbourne, April 19th 2005

Excellent performance with two absolute masters....perfect ensemble....thrilled audience.
Ost-Thüringische Zeitung, May 7th 2005
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