Fartach-Naini and Lee appear to communicate by ESP, such is the level of mutual understanding and empathy. They delve into some arcane methods of tone production at times, producing a remarkable assortment of colours and effects. But even when playing in conventional manner, their sounds are beautifully balanced and nuanced.
The Advertiser, 29 August 2005, Adelaide, Australia

Poets on strings
Both guitarists are chamber musicians par excellence. Absolutely breathtaking to hear them listen to each other, exchange ideas, thoughts and feelings. Their sounds are very clear and yet extremely diverse, their playing full of nuances and beautifully balanced at the same time. We see the individual expression moulding into a new unity, two cultures complementing each other perfectly - absolutely amazing! 
Potsdamer Neue Nachrichten, 20. April 2004

...revealed an innate intuition and clarity of sound which reinforced their reputation as a duo of the first rank.....Rhythmic vitality, panache and style were represented in truly extroverted fashion and my entrance fee was worth this piece alone.....Oliver Fartach-Naini and Lee Song-Ou are a class act with Perth being extremely fortunate to be included in their touring schedule.
Alan Banks in Guitar WA, November 2003, Perth, Australia

The highest level of Virtuosity! The Duo bestowed upon the public an artistic titillation rich in humorous creativity...
General-Anzeiger, 25 May 2000, Bonn, Germany

Excellence and ultimate musical pleasure! 
KBS FM Radio 1, 9/97, Seoul, South Korea

They play as one with clear articulation. 
Les Cahiers de la Guitare et de la Musique, I/1998, Paris, France

Guitar-gourmets! .....along with providing constant changes of energy, from virtuoso counterpoints to sequences in unison at break neck speed, then onto an idyllic middle-movement .....the hard-working artists still happily returned after the long, never ending applause and played two movements from the "Suite Italiana" of Mario Gangi.
Schwäbisches Tagblatt, 11 June 2002, Tübingen, Germany

The duo Lee Song-Ou and Oliver Fartach-Naini presented themselves as masters of creating musical pictures inspired by the circus and the sea.  The musicians master their instruments with virtuoso control over the dynamics, volume and sound colours ...  At the same time they showed their humorous side and ability to move the audience.
Møns Tidende, 22 May 2001, Denmark

Both guitarists offered technically perfect artistry! ... Experimental playing, paired with musical wit and accompanied by humorous moderation -  this combination is the realm of the artists.  The quiet nuances and the hypnotic tones lead the audience into a stunned trance of silence so that you could hear a pin drop. 
Most impressive is the precision of the understanding and intensive communication between the artists.
Nordsee-Zeitung Bremerhaven, 15 May 2001, Germany

A great concert that music enthusiasts should kick themselves for missing.
The two musicians have been playing together for ten years. Technically stainless. Musically top-level.  Pure.  Exact.  Full of ideas.  Their program was inspired by water and the South.... Astor Piazzolla's Tango Suite is like a manifesto of  the beautiful, passionate and flirtatious world of the Tango Nuevo.  Lee Song-Ou and Oliver Fartach-Naini have performed this suite with contrast, tension and unjaded polish.  Full of expression.  Rhythmically aggressive and with an under-current of explosive virtuosity, in which there was sufficient room for the depth, the sadness and the intensity of this music.

Reutlinger Generalanzeiger, 29 May 2001, Germany

Both musicians integrate all possible nuances of expression available to them into their music.... The synchronicity/harmony is impressive and is evidence for long term concert experience along side the brilliance of the pair, solo excellence was to be found, where the listener could only marvel at the melodic and dynamic possibilities of these relatively restricted instruments.
Nordsee-Zeitung Bremerhaven, 19 May 2000, Germany

....performed with charm and wit.
Neue Musikzeitung 7-8/2000, Germany
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